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How to choose between two guys?

Published on February 15, 2014 by klm99

I don't know how it all started, it's so not like me to be this way! Few months ago i broke up with my boyfriend of 3years, i was just questioning everything about my life methods, i live abroad and i was back home for vacation and met this guy and some how i just wanted to have sex with some one new after so long but things got serious so fast and we kinda went into a relationship and after a month i went back to see him again, he's 9 years older than me, he makes me feel great and i thought i love him. It was hard to leave, i felt that i finally found someone who loves me and i cant be with them, i was alone most of the time and this new guy who was a friend of my friends started talking to me, he was really nice and some how we started hanging out, he really liked me and i liked him too, he is my own age and one thing led to an other and we got together. Right now he thinks im his girlfriend even though i have told him that i cant be in a relationship right now but i cant stop myself from seeing him or telling him about the other guy. I still talk to the other guy and he thinks we are together and i dont want to loose him, i will be going back home in a month and they are going to be there both. Right now i hate myself, i know that this is wrong, but i cant decide, im afraid to make the wrong choice. The one back home is really mature, i think he loves me thats why he is waiting, the other guy is so kind and he cares so much. I really need help :( i dont want to heart these people