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How to tell whether my boyfriend is telling the truth?

Published on November 20, 2012 by sara16w

well, here it is. this thing happens for 2 times now. i found out he is texting with a another girl. But he said his friend used his phne to hook up with a girl. I keep on blaming him that he is the one who wanted to hook up with her (want to know why? the way he text is the same and it happen slightly the same like the previous one. of cuz' you feel weird). i blame him till he gets angry. and he said if he's cheating he would have delete the text. i read some comments saying that if a guy keep talking that means he's lying. action speaks louder than words? hard to believe cuz' ppl nowadays, they know how to act.


What person doesn't have a cell phone? If he actually had a dirt poor friend who was texting another girl, it would've said. "Hi. This is Brian ...." Otherwise, how would the girl know who she is speaking with? Get rid of the lying cheater now before you waste more time on him. Those are his ethics. Maybe he'll change when he's a lot older, but for now, he's not worth your precious time.