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how to talk a single girl and dont blow it?

Published on June 6, 2010 by lonelysoul2010

im 26 and thru out my life i have always dated single moms,or women with serious past relationships....further more,i have no luck picking up girls,wether is a bar or a club,i approach women,and rejection is the first thing that slams me,i cant explain,but my luck does not run with single girls,it only goes with women that have had someone serious in life or kids......i could use some help,to overcome my fear os dating,dont get me wrong i waould love to date a single woman,and have a serious relationship,but,here in Vegas it seem impossible......thanks


Maybe the problem is that you are trying to "pick them up". The best approach to flirting isn't having a line and a ready answer, but listening and responding. Laughing and having a good time. Break your rut and look for women other places, work, school a girl at the coffee shop? Strike up casual conversations and let it go from there. Single women in vegas are probably getting hit on all the time. Be genuine and persistent ask a friend to set you up with someone or ask a lady friend to assess your game.