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How to start dating in my mid twenties?

Published on February 10, 2010 by jessylynn3586

I'm 24 and completely new to the dating scene. No first date, no first kiss, nada. I held off dating in high school because of my religious convictions. I decided not to date in college so that I would start any serious relationships before I graduated. As you can tell, being shy has helped a bit too. But now I have started my life as a bonafied adult with a real job and I think it is about time to start talking to guys and eventually settle down. I have no shortage of places to meet guys. I'm a sweet, decent looking girl with no baggage. I don't think I'll have trouble keeping a good relationship going ifi just knew how to get started. It might be a stretch but does anyone have any suggestions?


I'm a step behind you. I wanted a girlfriend real bad since around 17/18 but hasnt happened yet. Coming from someone with no experience. My one friend meet his girlfriend at a friends party. They've been together for 4 years now. So socialize at a party is what i'd say. My cousin just got married and they met at a party.

So a party lol.


  1. Get a dating profile on a dating web site and say YES to dates in the area.
  2. Ask your friends to set you up.
  3. Host parties and ask your friends to bring friends.
  4. Go to parties and ask to be introduced to new people.
  5. Try new things. Sign up for dance lessons or cooking lessons.
  6. Remember, just because you go on one date you aren't committing for a lifetime. Even if you feel so-so about the person, say yes. Get yourself some date experience.
  7. Don't be shy about letting people know you like them.

You are obviously a very organized, deliberate, and rational person. Personally, I believe those to be fantastic qualities for a mature relationship. The issue is, at 24, you could be challenged to find a mature man who is your equal. I say this as a man myself, most of us (not all of us) are emotionally constipated until about 30.

That being said, I have two pieces of advice: (1) Seek similar values. You mentioned you religious convictions, and they have obviously played a role in your life, so seek someone of similar faith and commitment. This may limit your candidate pool, however, it was important enough to you in your youth, and thus I would assume of equal importance today. You cared about your education, and today care about your career. So once again, seek the same. Perhaps meeting someone through your church or place of worship would be beneficial. (2) The second recommendation gets a bad reputation, but in my opinion is fantastic. Use the internet, but use a reliable and credible online dating site. The internet has made dating like shopping online. You see something or someone which peaks interest, you read the overview, evaluate the practicality of success, and then qualify that person as a candidate for potential emotional connection. Not only is it safe and comprehensive, but it also plays to your traits of organization, deliberate behavior, and rationale.

Best of Luck!