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How should my GF split from her current BF without hurting him?

Published on March 7, 2013 by chokyice

I m in a moral dilemma and I need help sorting this mess. I am 19 and so is my girlfriend. We had a tearful break up 2 years ago but are now united, strong and together. Even after 2 years of distance, we have only grown fond of each other. Last month we expressed each others out and agreed that we both mutually wanted to relive our relationship. However, in these 2 years she had made a boyfriend. Now, although she wants to return to me,she does not want to hurt him. We have full trust on each other and there is no doubt that she loves me. She has realized that maybe she wouldnt find anyone like me. She is very happy to be with me but she doesnt want to hurt her boyfriend too. It is obvious he will be shocked, maybe even upset on knowing about us both. And we both mutually want that he is left without pain. We have decided to wait for some time till he feel's the urge to break from her, but that wait cannot be indefinite. My girlfriend cannot put up this show of love to him when she is clearly on my side. It is certain that she loves me and I love her. And this is perhaps no kiddo love. For 2 years we both have been through completely parallel paths but still love each other as fondly. But we dont want our relationship to be built by breaking someones heart. I just want to know how we should ensure that my girlfriend is rid of her boyfriend without having him go through any pain. We both dont want to see him in despair because of the break up.