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How should I keep him happy?

Published on February 3, 2010 by paigiepooh

I want to keep him coming back for man is a United States Marine, and I dont want him to be bored with me when he comes home every weekend. I want sex tips and relationship tips. I want him to really appreciate me. I NEED felatio tips also. I'm not very good at it; I'm inexperienced when it comes to that, and I can NEVER take it seriously. I need to learn how to stop the arguing. It hurts to argue with him when he is five hours away, and I only see him maybe two full days out of the week. I just want to keep our relationship spicy and exciting. I love sex with him, I just don't want it to get boring. Any tips? Thanks.


Every man is different when it comes to sexual preference. However, the one thing I can tell you about men is, if we're not into whats happening in the bedroom, then you will know. Men struggle to hide dissatisfaction with women sexually.

What is it that you are arguing about with him?

Rent a couple porn movies one weekend, see how women are giving head, practice on a dildo or some vege, take good notes, and next time your man is around you become the pron queen for him.. Go for it~~

It sounds like you're stressing yourself out. You're worrying way too much. You aren't going to lose him if you aren't outrageous in bed. He's already dating you which means he likes you the way you are. Has he ever mentioned being bored with you sexually? Why would you think that? Why do you think you argue with him so much? I would say if you're arguing a lot you should work on your relationship first. The closer you get emotionally and the stronger your relationship is, the better the love-making will be. It comes naturally. If you're honestly worried about losing him, being better in bed isn't the way to keep him. A relationship has to be based on more than just physical contact. Try to work out your problems (whatever it is you're arguing about). Spend quality time alone together just talking. The more relaxed you both get with each other, the less you'll argue.

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here is a tip that works for sex and relationships. learn how to please yourself. military guys are gone alot. as long as you are there when he gets back, and not with someone else, things should be good. consider moving closer to him. if you can find a place and a job there. don't move in with him too early