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How to play a first kiss?

Published on April 20, 2009 by peytonayy

I'm with this guy who has had much experience with many, many girls, and if he ever tries to make a move, i would like to attempt to know what i'm doing! Please help, and explain the kissing routine. (:


LOL. A kiss is not something you can really plan, there is no routine, If he wants to kiss you he will. If you allow him that's a different story. Just relax and pucker up. If you feel that uncomfortable just be honest with him.... Some guys like the whole innocence thing. If not then play it cool...just act like you know what your doing, he will never know. Just make sure not to use so much tongue and you will be fine. Relax its just a kiss.

My now husband was my first kiss. I played it cool. Let him take the initiative and we went slow from there. It worked for us. But if you feel super nervous you can read this for some tips!

It is just a kiss. It's simple it's easy. The only way you could screw it up is by slobbering all over him or ramming your tongue down his throat.

In my opinion, before he would kiss me, I would tell him 'This is my first kiss...' If this doesn't bother him and he still wants to go on, then he will kiss you. I've never been kissed by anyone, but I think this is instinctive!