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How, or maybe even should I, get him to take it down a notch

Published on April 7, 2010 by mklaverentz

We've been dating for about 18 months, casual but exclusive for lack of a better definition. He keeps bringing up moving in, getting married, etc. I have made it clear on more than one occasion that I don't see us going there, let alone already BEING there. He's fun, clever, we have a great time, the sex is great. Bottom line, he's more into me than I am into him. We are both in our early 50s, been married before, both have our own places and "stuff". I really don't feel like I need to end it, but maybe I do.



If he wants more out of the relationship than you are willing to give I think you should end things just because of the fact that it's unfair to him. He wants a more serious committed relationship than you do. He wants to have a future. If his goals don't coincide with yours you shouldn't continue to date him. He's probably waiting around hoping you'll change your mind and it isn't fair to keep him on a string when you know you aren't willing to give him what he wants.