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How often do you contact your love interest?

Published on August 24, 2009 by tangofan

Everyone leads a busy life to go with different activities. Even though there are some people out there that can talk every day, others are tied up with work/children or other personal matters.

When time permits, how often do you contact that special someone (if you're NOT married)? Do you require a break once in a while? When do you feel it's time for a little break from communication?


I tend to find that as being defined by the people in question. Some people work better getting a regular phone call or text message each day, others find that less is more and get in contact maybe twice a week.

My GF and I usually text each other a couple times throughout the day and talk for a little bit at night, but we really only get to see each other a couple days a week, so its how we stay connected. For you, Tangofan, I know your situation is a bit more...complicated...than that. I'd say send call/text her as you feel is acceptable with the understanding that she may not be able to talk at that moment. You can also just ask her, in those rare times that you do get a chance to speak, to let you know when a good time to call would be or to let you know when she needs some radio silence.

I did an LDR with my now-husband for 3 years. We communicated clearly about what we expect as far as phone calls, AIM, texting, etc. And when I needed a break, like when I had mono or was super busy. I would tell him. I can't do long phone calls for the next few days, but I'll call you on X day. And then I would send him quick morning emails.

Even in marriage you need a break from constant communication. Just communicate your needs and let him know it has nothing to to with him, just with your busyness.

Lyz & Qverb,

You two are my favorites and I TRULY appreciate your feedback.

I got to understand my situation as things went along. There were discussions about the busy life schedule and from that came an understanding (on my end) that the communication had to be cut back a bit. I do call and text when the time seems right to express a kind "thinking of you" message or to send wishes for a great week. It only gets better when the voice is alive and not recorded.

Thanks so much! Hope all is well.

i'm interested in this guy whom i've known for years. we don't really talk on the phone though. the only conversation we will have are those on msn; if he's online and i'm online and yes we converse. but otherwise, he don't call me. i initiated calling him but our conversation does not last more than 2 mins. it sounds blatantly obvious that he's not into me.