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How many people should I date?

Published on May 25, 2013 by pimleepet

I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years now. I'm not at a point where I want to settle down yet, and he's only my 2nd actual partner- but I'm extremely happy with him.

However, my family keeps telling me that I need to date more people. Whenever my relationship comes up they tell me I'm "settling" and that they have all dated many many people.

But I don't understand why I should break up with my current boyfriend if I'm happy. Obviously if something comes up that makes either one of us unhappy the relationship should stop- but until then?

Do I have to date lots and lots of people? How do I get my family off my back for not wanting a huge quantity?


I applaud you for having some sort of virtuousness about yourself as a woman. Your not a whore and your not settling and you should confront your family and friends directly and say "just please stay out of my business"-Tell them if you need their advice you will ask for it. some women don't want a reputation and having std's every month is not good either.Its not about standards or settling, its bout self respect(or the way you feel about yourself ) and how the person your currently dating makes you feel. That's it! We all have friends that date people with cars, money, influence, etc. But they are always on the dating block because they always find a problem with someone. There is a difference when you want to go out and travel the world and be ambitious and receive life experience that way. Yet, the way they are speaking is like go out be sexual promiscuous, have sex with all these men then you will know yourself and what you want in life and its deceptive and misleading. I can only imagine the reason they are harassing you is because the men you date are poor, hardworking local guys and they think you can do better right? Well you decide who you love and if these few men you have are honest,faithful and loyal that's all you need