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How to make a move?

Published on March 1, 2010 by newtricks

Meet a guy(fours younger) back in November our best friends were seeing each other. I wasn't interested in hooking up and he was. nothing happen. He ran into some friends of mine at a bar around new years, and called me. We talked for about an hour. After that phone call, he has been on my mind a lot... he's connected me a few times since. I'm thinking about making a move but i don't know what I want from him or how to go about getting it... any advice!


You have to have some idea about what you want from him or you wouldn't be thinking about making a move? Do you mean you aren't sure if you're interested in the possibility of a relationship as opposed to just sex? I'd say it's fine to ask him out if you want to date him but take it slow and just see where it goes. It may end up that you like him more than you thought. But don't do anything you might regret. If he's only interested in a FWB and you aren't looking for that, then don't put yourself in a position where that's the case.

You need to know what you want before you can go about getting it. Why do you want this guy now? Is it because there are no other prospects? Is it the thrill of the game? Or are you actually and honestly attracted to him? I'd answer those questions before moving forward.