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How long is too long to wait for a third date?

Published on August 2, 2010 by letthesunshinee

I've been talking to this guy for about a month and a half. The first time we went out was about a month ago, and the second time was two weeks from this past saturday. The first two dates went really well; held hands, massaged eachothers arms, and both ended with a kiss. There were no awkward moments, it felt really natural. After the second date he said "next time will be longer, i promise." because the first two times didn't last much longer than two hours. We've talked through text since then but just about little things (him asking me how i've been and what i've been up to, etc) but no mention of a third date yet. I'm glad we're taking things slow, i don't want to rush anything and i figure he doesn't want to either because his last relationship ended badly (his gf cheated), but i just feel like the longer i don't hear from him about a date, he may be losing interest? Would that be safe to assume or am i just overanalyzing? How long is too long to wait for him to initiate another date?

note: since the second date he's been looking for a job, and just got hired so i'm assuming he's been busy with training, etc. Were both 21, if that makes a difference.

Any advice would be great guys, thanks :)



Since he's still checking on you, I'd say he might be interested but busy. Why don't you text him something like "Hey! There's this movie I'd like to see and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me." Just something nonchalant. It'd be your third date so it's ok for you to make a move.

If he says he's just busy but will be available, say, next week or so (I mean, if he gives you a time frame), just assume he's telling the truth. If he's not specific, just assume he's looking for someone he considers better. If he says yes... well... you know what to do. Hope I helped :)