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How long is too long to make him wait for sex?

Published on July 1, 2010 by hotrodj14

So I want to stay a virgin until I am married and my boyfriend wanted to be a herpetologist, that is, until he met me. He now wants to be a veterinarian because he says that herpetologist's do not make very much money. He then told me that he want to be able to support me financially. Most guys his age quiver at the word "marriage" but he says it in a way that makes me know he truly wants to be with me. He supports my morals as hard as it is on him to refrain from having sex. i try to be the best girlfriend I can be by being compassionate, understanding, and fun. I just don't know if this is kind of cruel in a guys perspective or if it just makes me more respectable.


If you want to wait until marriage then wait until you say "I do."

If you dont want sex and he wants sex and he is pressuring you then he needs to respect your wishes and wait also You dont have to jmp in bed right off the back and get to know each other

When a man really wants a woman, he will do whatever he has to do to get and keep her, and that includes WAITING.

He just said today that he thinks it is a good idea for me to wait and is glad that I want to wait. He said I am worth the wait so that let's me know that he is really here for me.