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How long should i wait to start buying gifts for a new boyfriend?

Published on May 21, 2011 by cpalme4

When i start dating and know he is right for me when can i start presenting him with a new shirt i would like him to wear when we are together.  Or when is a good time to get him other nice gifts like a new wallet and belt set just because.


I would wait until his Birthday or Christmas. No need to give to most men. And if it is a new shirt, do it when you are together shopping, he picks one out he likes and then when you take it to the counter, you step forward and pay. That way you know he likes it. Giving a gift to a man of something he doesn't like isn't good.

I agree with V Ampire. It's not necessary to give gifts to men. A sweet and sensible partner is all he really needs. You [HTML_REMOVED]are[HTML_REMOVED] the gift.

cpalme4, I would suggest you wait on giving a man a gift until he presents one to you and even then I would caution you. Most guys' love language is not gifts it's words of affirmation or physical touch. If you go shopping together, see something you like, you might say " you would look amazing in that".If he wants to please you and shares your fashion taste he'll buy it, if his taste differs from yours he'll probably let you know.Be careful you don't make him feel like Mommy is picking out his clothes and paying for him that is a fine emasculating line.