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how long do i wait for a guy to be back

Published on July 9, 2012 by kathleenj1971

there was this guy that i was interested at work while cutting his hair and both into each other and i think he was giving me hints that he wants to go out sometime. i think i wasn't paying attention. lately, i haven't seen him come for a haircut for 2 months and i think i have to forget about him, right.


Well… You have two options. You can forget about him or you can use your “Customer Service” experience to lure him around, pick his brain and choose whether or not to express your interest.

NOTE: BE VERY CAREFUL HERE! There is a fine line between mixing business with pleasure. Two words.. Sexual Harrassment!

Keep it professional! Do a follow up call to check in with him as his stylist. Let him know about any special promotions your salon may be running and see if you can get him scheduled for an appointment. If he has any interest in you, he will schedule and make his way into the shop. From there, proceed as you normally would and see if he hints at being interested. If so, tell him you will give him a call after work and make your plans.

If he doesn’t schedule or makes any hints... I would move on.

Again… KEEP IT STRICTLY BUSINESS AND LET HIM MAKE HIS MOVE FIRST. There are a lot of risks involved and coming on too strong could possibly create a lot of trouble in your workplace.

Thank you so much for your expertise. I will just wait one more month. I don't want anything to happen in the workplace.