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How to know if a girl likes me

Published on May 12, 2012 by amxal

Ok so I know this girl from school and I like her a lot I mean I have liked her for years but I have no idea if she likes me back does anyone know a solution for my problem.


You could ask a friend to bring your name up to her and see what her reaction is ... or, you can just bite the bullet and ask her to hang out - a non-date, as friends, and then feel her out to see if she'd be open to taking it to the next level... dating? Only do this if you must know, and you are willing to take the chance that she doesn't think of you that way. Part of life is taking chances in love. What works is great and what doesn't can devastate us, but we learn from all of it ... so I say take the chance - life is short.

I agree with LJ, but I'll take it a step further. Ask around to see what type of music she likes and buy 2 tickets to a local show when one of those groups is playing. Then approach her and say (with confidence) "hey, I have tickets to see (insert band name here) on Saturday. I think you're kinda cute and I think we'd have fun. Wanna come with me? There are many varieties of this and you'll get an indication of whether she likes you or not with how she acts on the way to the show. I could take this way further, but that's all I'll say for now.