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how to help the other fanancialy with out being married but living together?

Published on April 19, 2009 by msaldana

well im currently living with my boyfriend....we are not married. but we do live together. now, since this is my first time sharing my whole life with someone, its kind of hard when it comes to money, my own account, my own money..


Financially, you need to keep your money separate and handle yourself. Do not mix finances until you are married and even then it may be best to keep it separate if that works for the two of you. Finances are the source of many arguments and you should be clear that you know how to manage it and you are willing to share. However, you have no intentions of being financially irresponsible for the love.

I agree with Ben. Love maybe wonderful, but without a commitment, you keep that money to yourself. Divide up what you will each pay for evenly, but don't combine or mix money or even buy big purchases together until you got that legal contract guaranteeing that if he splits he's liable. You need to play smart with your money, no matter how you feel. Otherwise you could end up without money or a boyfriend.

I know how you feel. Depending on your relationship there are ways to work on this. Definitely keep your money separate. There are different ways to split the bills, and that is something you need to discuss. You can either divide everything down the middle and each pay half. Either one or the other pays the bills and the other reimburses them, or you each pay things that once it's totaled you get to half. If you have a very big difference in income, some people (I've done this before) decide a percentage that each pays based on their difference in incomes. Say you make $2000 and he only makes $1000. You would agree on a percentage of the bills you each pay so that it is more in line with your incomes and that you feel equal.

In the end it has to be something you are both comfortable discussing. It's hard to start the conversation, but very important that you do.