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How to have sex, really? Does it pain while doing it?

Published on January 17, 2012 by rachelbrooks

I have been hearing about sexual intercourse and all since a long time, but I wonder if I really need it,( I sure am a hot girl)and does it pain during the insertion after the first time(after losing virginity)?


Sex can hurt a little bit when engaging in it for the first time, however if you are with a guy who really cares about you and he's gentle (and hopefully experienced) then you'll be having so much fun you'll barely notice. Don't focus on the slight down-side when there is so VERY much upside to good sex. Just make SURE that your first time is with someone who you care about deeply, and NOT someone to just "get it over with already."

Yes, there is often discomfort having intercourse for the first time. A key is to be with someone who you can communicate well with and who will respond well to you taking responsibility for your own needs.

You want to choose someone who will be patient and gentle and is willing to be generous with lubrication and listening.

You can try it on your hands and knees with him behind you with the understanding that you will be the one to do most of the movement until it feels better and then you control the pace and depth as he enters you.