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How to have intercourse when you're overweight?

Published on November 5, 2010 by shelly54

My BF and I have great physical chemistry together. We're both very sexual, physical beings. But we're both overweight (came into the relationship that way), and are having trouble having intercourse. Our stomachs literally get in the way of fitting together. So we enjoy oral sex A LOT, and other creative ways of pleasuring each other.That's fine, but I miss having intercourse once in awhile. Intercourse isn't a big deal, until you CAN'T have it! Can you suggest any positions that would make intercourse possible again. Why don't we experiment? you ask.. The problem is, when you're overweight, it's rather embarrassing trying different positions. It's less like a pleasurable exploration and more like a humiliating, physically awkward, disappointing ordeal. So once we found we couldn't manage missionary or me-on-top positions, we just sort of gave up, and focused on the things that made us feel sexy and comfortable.. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! - Shelly


Hmm maybe consider a corset. You could easily trim a few inches off your waist, and it's cute, sexy and position would no longer be an issue. (guys dig 'em too)


Hmm. Maybe you might wanna try doggy style or maybe find some stuff on I went to this link it had sum nice tips

Try both of you sitting on the bed, facing each other, with his legs spread out, and your legs spread out over his, and do it that way. You're face-to-face, and I happen to like this position a lot. Hah. ;P Maybe buy a Kama Sutra book and pick out positions together? It could be an intimate moment and get you both really into the mood.

  Try laying on your sides and doing it from the back. If sex is important to you and your mate,you got to work on losing weight. The reason why I'm saying this is because as we get older sex bacomes less frequent. You all are at the age to be enjoying sex,your going to have to sacrifice cutting down on your food intake. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less starches,trust me this will help and drink plenty of water. You've got to weight the pros and cons with this situation,what's more important to you and your mate?  I hope this help you!  Good Luck!

Depending on his height, you may be able to do it with you on your back on the bed, bum scooched up to the edge and him standing in front of you. He may have to support your legs or you might be able to hook them on his shoulders. Unless you have a big bootie, you may also be able to have penetration from the back, lying with your back to his front. Hook your leg over his hip/back and he needs to come down between your legs. You can still create the intimacy of intercourse using toys and the such or paying special attention to face to face foreplay. Relax and have fun with your exploration!