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how to get in relationship with commited girl

Published on January 2, 2012 by ankitiv

Hi Im 20 there is girl in my class we both are best friends for lst 16 months. I like her since dy one. t last year she went in a relationship.Now she hasa a boysfriend.she trusts me as muchs her bf or more and we r best friends. I hav also fallen into friendzone.We both are lwys ghappty together..soo wat shud i do to get her .i mean if she is in a relatnship how shud i be wid her.She has also had lotsa fyt wid her bf whch she has hided frm me....plzz help its irritating


Always respect the sanctity of someone else's relationship. In the present, that means not flirting with her or trying to steal her away from her boyfriend. What would I do in your situation? I would start pulling away from the relationship. Spend less time with her. If she asks why, tell her your goal is to have a girlfriend, and since she is taken, you have to lessen your friendship with her to have time to talk to other girls. If she is not happy with her bf, and feels the same for you as you do for her, she will break up with him to be with you. If she doesn't, she just likes you for a friend, and it will never be more than that. If that's the case, I really think you should start talking to other girls who you are attracted to. Other girls who may be attracted to you probably don't talk to you right now, because they can see you have a crush on this girl. This friendship is holding you back from getting into a satisfactory romantic relationship. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Would you seriously want to start a relationship on the ruins of her last one? Talk about bad juju.

Timing is everything. The timing on this is not right. Be her friend, but don't get it twisted and start playing the emotional affair game with her.

Besides, if you did somehow snatch this chick up, who's to say that she won't leave you for someone else she's "best friends" with?