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how to get him out of my head????

Published on August 2, 2012 by amerikanka-uje

I've meet a guy online 2.5 years ago and i just felt in love with his picture... then we exchange numbers and i felt in love with his voice.... He staying two hours away from me in different state, so we been talking for 4 month and he never came to see me i guess because he didn't have a car that time, so i went to see him but i didn't want him to know i am going just to see him so i went to buy my new car over there that was crazy but i did lol i went to see him for like 30 min and OMG my heart stopped and i felt in love with him more than I was already... Then i starting going over there every weekend just to see him we were having so much fun i was in love, i were happy, my eyes were glorying  i did not care what’s going on in the world. And then mother of his child came back in the picture after they been broke up for 6 month well sad truth but he went back to her, i let it go... We haven't spoken in a year i change my phone number, had me a boyfriend but i still couldn't forget about i broke up with my bf and out of nowhere he text me saying he wants to know how am i doing... i was so surprised and my heart stopped again, butterfly’s in my stomach ugh look like i am in high school again...
Well we were just talking and then mother of his child called telling me i am breaking her family, because he had been thinking about me the whole year they were together, he can’t forget me and he loves me and all kind of stuff. So she said can you please leave him alone, because he is so happy he found you and he saying it was biggest mistake he did year ago when he went back to her!! He could have been with me and he could have been so happy. So i told her okay I’ll leave him alone and i text him to not call me or text me, so he stop for like 3 weeks and then he tried to text but i told him quit and he stopped, then not even two weeks later after i told him to quit she calls me and starting telling me all kind of different stuff and i was like i haven't even seen him in a year, so she was like i thought he is with you it’s what he saying because he said he don't want to be with me no more... So i called him myself and told him how i feel and he said i am just playing with him, i can get any man but i just want to be with him its cant be true... its sounded really weird to me but ok. He came to see me we had a great time and we were so happy!! he said he wants a relationship but he just talk and don’t show anything, i offered him be a friends with benefits but he doesn’t want nothing like that, so what i don’t understand why is he playing with my feelings telling me we will be together, he want to be with me forever and i am perfect women he needs but when it comes to actions he doesn’t show anything. One thing i don’t understand he can have just sex but he saying he want serious relationships, but he doesn’t do anything to have them. And he keeps playing with my emotions and I don't understand why!!!!!! I am trying to forget about him but i can't at all!!! And it’s been almost 3 years now I don't know what’s wrong with me??? How can i take him out of my head i can't figure out!!!!!! And I don’t understand what’s wrong with him why he can be just honest!!


You've wasted so many years on someone who can't commit to just one woman. Set your goals on finding a man who knows what he wants, is free to be in a relationship with you, and shows you that you are a priority by his everyday actions. You are worthy of that. FWB relatonships never work. The woman ends up always wanting more, so don't go there.

Don't answer his texts or calls. In the past, I've wanted men who weren't emotionally available to me. I know how frustrating it is, but life can often be tough. Keep trucking along and going for what you want in life. A caring man that you can be crazy about. It'll happen, but you need to leave your past in the past. I went through a lot of frustrating dating experiences before I met my future husband. He is worth all of the rough roads it took to find him. Read some articles on the web about dating, on how to spot red flags at the beginning, and how to spot men worth investing time in. Good luck.