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how to get her to want to hang out

Published on January 2, 2010 by completely confused

I've given up on the girl I like as being anything more than a friend for the time least until she gets out of her current relationship. But how do you get her to want to hang out with you. She says we're more than just friends and that there's nothing wrong with friends hanging out and doing things together...but she says we'll hang out and then ignores her promise and when I bring it up, she says she's been really busy, doesn't see me as any less of a friend, and says we'll find time soon. Then the circle repeats. Well, soon has been 3+ months in do you break out of this circle? Do I just need to be blunt and almost demand we hang out at some point, sit back and continue to wait while slipping in hints, completely let her go and give her the cold shoulder for a while, or something else.


I say give her the cold shoulder and show her that hanging out with her is not on the top of your priority list like she is showing to you. She knows you will jump when she says too.....don't. Reverse the situation!!!!