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How to get a guy who lives far away

Published on August 1, 2009 by s

I have a friend who I have known for a long time. We recently started talking regularly again and I am crazy for him. We have seen each other every couple of months and it is always good but he is playing hard to get. I asked him how he feels towards me but he 'doesn't know because we live so far apart.' I see more than friendship with him and he knows that, but I think he is affraid/doesn't know what to do with me- which is making it very difficult for me- but I don't want to give up because there is definately something there. So how do I 'get him?'


you have to bee straight up with the person dont play no games tell the person what exactly you need and try to work within a time frame if he likes you and he is serious he will certainly try to get thing together to bee with but if he is a player he will keep putting you off

I agree with ian about being up front with this guy, but if you have already done that and he is still not sure i think you should just back off... this sounds harsh, but if a guy wants to be with you .. he will be with you, regardless of the distance!!