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How to fix the way he kisses me?

Published on November 2, 2010 by fangirl123

i have been dating this amazing guy for a while. we have french kissed a few times. i think he is a good kisser but when he kisses me he moves his tongue so fast that I can't keep up with him. i like slow kisses, so how do i get him to kiss me slower without offending him? thanks


Sweetie, you just need to tell him. Say in a cutsie way, "boo boo, i want slow kisses, your tongue is too fast for me" in your best baby voice or just be like, "woah there, slow it down" Trust me. Guys can take it. They would rather get a little sting than not be making you feel good. If you mean well, it won't come off offensive. Also, just start kissing him slow and he'll follow you.

I once dated a guy that when he kissed me I felt as though I was being slime'd. Felt like I needed a towel to dry my face when he was finished. I really liked him, he was a lot of fun and the chemistry between us was GOOD. I was determined to try and put a fix on things without hurting his ego. So one night while we were cuddled up on the couch watching a lil t.v. I suggested we play a game. I explained -while nuzzling his nose with mine- voice low, that while I was kissing him...he would be receptive, but not really kiss me back. I did this for several seconds and then I would let him have his turn at me. I repeated this several times...and low and behold...he did get it. The whole awkward "talk" was avoided.

Hope this helps,