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How to fix a bad kisser?

Published on August 3, 2010 by barbara.

I met this wonderful guy - he's handsome (though not exactly the type I gravitate towards. not that it bothers me), intelligent, a gentleman, we have the same kind of humour and he seems to like me.

We met online and after two weeks or so decided to go out on a date. First date was super sweet and went well, we went out on a second date. As we were sitting down at the park after a breakfast, we kissed. What a disaster!!! He opens his mouth waaaay too much and drolls. Not to mention he uses his teeth a lot more than necessary.

We're going out tomorrow afternoon again (movies). What should I do? I like him but it bothers me a lot that kissing isn't good. I didn't need to be perfect, just a little... better. I know there are some articles on the subject, but I'm just asking for your particular opinions.

He's 32 and had girlfriends before, just in case someone is wondering.


Show him what a good kiss should be like.... rent a movie that you know has good kisses in it and watch it together. When the kiss part comes in the movie, say something like "how sweet, I would love to kiss like that. then lean towards him and kiss him" At that time he would know you are looking for kind of kiss that you guys just saw in the movie. If he cares about you, he will try to kiss like the one inthe movie..... and you can lend him a hand (or your lips) to practice with, lol. problem solved :-)