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Give Advice: How Do I Meet Men My Age?

Published on August 23, 2012 by dpena

I don't have any friends. I work with few people. I am 59 years old and I don't know how or where to meet men my age. In my apartment, there are all young students. I was married for 40 years and know I have no self-esteem. My ex cheated on me the whole time. I feel that I'm old now and I won't be able to find someone my age.


I know how it feels to have your self-esteem down the toilet. That's so crumby your ex cheated on you, it hurts so much! I've been there plenty of times. But there are steps you can take to feel better.

But these feelings won't last forever. You are never too old to have fun! And there are plenty of available men. There are over 5 million people online dating all ages. You can also get involved in meetup groups in your areas. That's another way to meet local people.

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If you go to and then click on Find A Meet Up. Then insert your zip code, and all of the things you enjoy doing. You will find other singles who enjoy many of the same things you like to do, which will result in your meeting a lot of new friends, many of whom, are in the same boat as you. Also look for singles over 50. Its free to join, and when you attend various events, all you pay for, is the food you eat yourself, as well as what ever fees are charged by the venue. My Meet Up Group, Singles Events and Parties for over 45 year olds, holds several fun events each month, here in South Florida. We have had a number of members who have found a new special someone at one of our non pressure type of events. Last week, 45 of us went bowling. Tomorrow night, I'm hosting a comedy club event, where all of our members get free admission tickets. I promise, you will meet and make a lot of new friends. So, don't sit around and mope. Get out and just do it. Perry

We asked YourTango expert Kimberly Pryor ( for her advice, and this was her answer:

The first step: work on your self esteem. You are one of the most valuable, sexy, women on the planet but you just haven't realized that yet. One of the best ways I know of to regain your self-esteem is through a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). An easy way to learn it is at The Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce Mountain Retreat. Other speakers at the event are going to be showing you how to rebuild self-esteem as well. (You can go to to learn more and use code Peaceful for $220 off through this Saturday). Now, on to meeting men your age. Look up online something called MeetUp groups. They have them for all sorts of activities (hiking, meditation, singles groups, etc.) You may meet people your age there. Also, don't discount online dating. I have a 62-year-old male friend who met a wonderful 60-year-old woman on the dating site called Plenty of Fish.


Good luck, unfortunately most of the guys your age are losers who are hitting women my age (early 30s). There are some decent guys out there so don't give up looking. And any man who rejects you - don't take it personally. He is the one missing out on a good thing.

Why do you want a man? Find a hobby. I've been married FOREVER and if my husband were no longer around I'd never want another one. I am so used to a person who is clean, neat, kind, etc. Rare in a man. He does not smoke nor like dogs. A perfect man.