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How even should communication be between people for romance?

Published on September 4, 2012 by jadailha

When people meet someone that they are romantically interested in, does it matter who initiates communication first? If one person always calls, sends messages or texts first and the other party only responds and never intitiates communication ,isn't this a major signal of a one-sided intent? If communication is to be comstant, shouldn't the other party start the process also?

I ask, because I hear many women say that the men they are intersted in never make the first step to communicate. They never call first, text first, email first. I think this is just bad business and a sign that the other party isn't really interested in them. I say just to stop all communication, what do you think. I could be wrong. Thanks for your help.


I think it's great when the man takes the initiative to contact the woman first. Lots of women like to let the man lead the conversation.

It's a bad sign if they don't respond to your messages. If they are responding, that's great!

But... you don't want to lead with boring text messages like: Hey, Hi, What's up? When you do send something, make it interesting, it will then speak volumes and make you stand out from the crowd.

Messages like "I was thinking about you today when..."

Good luck!

Thank you, but this wasn't really the answer that I was looking for. I wanted to know if the communication was always started from one party and never the other, is this a bad sign?