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How on Earth does this site work?

Published on September 1, 2010 by randallbiz

So I've tried, but a year later and $30 a month and I'm still single. I tried but found myself embarrassed by even reading some people's profiles. I was hesitant to try this out, I mean does it make me a snob for even googling to see if such a thing existed? Well needless to say I did, and I'm here, and looking to reconnect with some people


Welcome to YourTango!! This is a great place to meet other people, read articles and blogs about love, sex and relationships, and share your own views in those areas. This is less of a singles website and more like a place to share experiences, like your difficulties with dating websites. You can add people you meet as friends on this site, directly message them, or comment on their posts. Any more questions, feel free to direct message me!

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