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How does a man learn to let go of his Past Relationships and move to his NEW?

Published on June 6, 2010 by mssugarcookie1

If you're in a relationship and the man your in the relationship had a life before you for example been married more than once, and he continues to dwell in the past, should you be worried or look past it and focus on how your relationship should be? Should you fear the relationship of interferance?


If the man you're in a relationship is still dwelling in the past, then he's not ready for a relationship with you. He can't be fully present with you if he's letting the past affect him so much. He may need therapy to help him work through these issues he can't let go of, so he can move on and be present in a new relationship.

For your emotional well being, you need to focus on how your relationship with him REALLY IS, not how you'd like it to be. You have to face your reality with him. Be honest. It seems to me you recognize it's not what you would like or need it to be.

You are entitled and deserving to be in a relationship with a man who truly wants to be in one with you.