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how do you make a virgin's sexual experience glorious?

Published on January 21, 2014 by icravehislove5ever

I lost my virginity awhile ago, and I am now in a relationship with a virgin. I want to make his sexual experience as amazing as possible, because now I'm the head master of the bed because I have "experience ". I want it to be romantic and very sexy, what do I do? Advice?


Every bodys 1st time isnt going to be the best even for the experiance ones because they have to be in charged and its like trying to control a lost puppy i understand you want it to be special belive me thats how i wanted it to be too but as we done it i didnt really care how specail it was just happy i wasnt a virgin anymore

Hello icravehislove5ever,

Truly being with a beautiful and naked woman is a great start for him to feel sex is fabulous. Next it's important to a man to feel he's in charge sexually so don't take charge. You can certainly 'set the mood' before hand. Candles, soft music, (anything that helps you feel sexy and relaxed) and sexy lingerie (for both of you). Do whatever will help you feel excited so you'll be lubricated when it comes time for intercourse.

Be receptive physically and encourage him to explore your body. It will help him feel successful when you tell him each time he does something you like. You might not be completely satisfied that first time and it sounds like that would be okay with you.

What a lucky guy to have a woman who cares so much about making his first time memorable.

I hope you'll let me know how it goes.

Coach Christine Your Tango Expert