You don't make a man fall in love with you. You tempt him with who you truly are. Be authentic. Show him your soul. If he falls in love with you, then you will be happy, not because you lured him in with what you thought he would like, but because the special person you are shines through and it is wonderful to him. This in turn makes you wonderfully happy because he sees YOU, and that feels amazing. If you act in a way that is not truly you, you will not be happy because what we all really want is to be loved for who we are. And he will not be happy because eventually he will realize you are not who you seemed to be. Spend your time and energy developing your unique qualities and gifts. Be honest, straight forward, and courageous. And most of all love yourself. The joy of respecting and loving yourself holds an awesome power of attraction and feels really good :-) When you love yourself, you show people how to treat to love you. Good luck! Work hard. And please message me if you are interested in learning more about showing off that wonderful you-ness! Mari

Not only is it wrong to do so, it can't be done. People don't choose who they fall in love with. Opening up and showing this ma who you really are is the only way to see if he develops feelings for you. This is the only way to be truly happy because you'll know he loves you for being exactly who you are. If you pretend to be someone you're not, you'd never know if he really loved you or thre tricks that you pulled.

I saw that you also asked about friends with benefits. It CAN turn into love BUT both people have to feel the same way. If you are in this type of relationship, you need to talk to the other person abotu whether or not they want something more like you do. If not, and you emotionally feel like you can no longer be in a friends with benefits relationship, then you need to get out of it and move on for your own mental health. There is no better you than a happy you so do what is necessary to make you happy, just not at the expense of others.

I'm a 21 year old.Iam not a kind of person that can fall in love.I was interested in this guy from a long time,but I ignored and tried to control those feelings thinking it's infatuation.But Now I think I'm in love.Yes! because I'm thinking about him pretty often everyday.I'm unable to sleep properly at night.I'm seeing his face so closely when I try to sleep,and it's making me disturbed and when I'm trying to study,my mind is developing illusions that he is here with me,that we were talking,communicating and laughing.Sometimes I find myself saying his name or talking to him and also develop tears in my eyes.And I'm feeling really bad about this.That person does not even know that I exist.I'm worried about myself.I don't know what would happen to my mind in the next stage.I've figured out that he has so many fans,maybe some of them were like me.I actually did not love him as he's popular,I can swear that he is the guy with the most beautiful heart.Certainly the best guy I've ever known.He has some great qualities that normal guys do not have,I can say that one can't find another guy like him.I really need help.How could I talk to him.I even don't know what to write to him.

It's an unfortunate truth about love: You can't MAKE a person fall in love with you ... What you CAN do is be your best self. Be happy, confident and genuine. Even if he doesn't see what an amazing person you are - you'll be able to walk away happy with yourself!