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how do you know when all you are is a "Friend with benifits" and not relationship material

Published on July 6, 2010 by tired of games

We've been friends for 2 years. I met him and a friends of his on the same night and his friend and I quasi got together..Which he did not let me forget for the next 2 years even though nothing really happened. Me and this guy are friends we go golfing together drink beer together. just hang out like buds...until 2 months ago when we got drunk (surprise) and had sex... well it's now 2 months later and we are still having sex on a weekly basis. I have always liked him and I would love to actually say that he is my boyfriend... ( i like him that much) even though I'm not ready to let my heart out of it's box just yet. I just want to know how to tell the difference between just being sex buddies and if there is a possibility for a real relationship.


this is how: you're not in a relationship and you've already given it to him. he already gets to hang out with you 'just like a buddy' (your words not mine) and to ice the cake you've given him the goods. honey, there is absolutely no reason for him to give you anything other than what he gives right now. also, the fact that he 'wouldn't let you forget for the next 2 years' about you quasi-hooking up with a friend of his before you & he hooked up just says one thing: he's just taking what you're giving, for as long as you give it.

FWB NEVER TURNS INTO A RELATIONSHIP!!! If after two years he doesn't see you as his gf, you should be turning your attention elsewhere. I know from which I speak; I let someone do this to me for FOUR YEARS. It was the biggest waste of time ever.
A man who sees you as his "buddy" can never see you as his gf. Go find someone who will treat you better than this and don't waste anymore time on this loser. Believe me, I've been there.

I am sorry to tell you that you are not in a relationship. This is just a friends with benefit. If he truly wanted to be in a relationship with you, he would have ask you out by now. He has known you for two years. Guys will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. You have not treat yourself with respect,therefore, he will never see you as a "girlfriend material". He knows you are willing to give it up before any type of commitment. He will always wonder how many other people you give it up to. Stop giving it up so easily, you are worth the wait. He is definitely not worth it. There is so great guy out there waiting for someone like you. Just be patient and let the loser go!

I think both of you are attracted to each other,however, its the degree and is it growing or staying inthe friend zone. You say, you do not want to let your heart out just yet correct? It sounds like you are not impressed with what you see in him or see things in him that are worth the effort but his character just is not meeting to expectation. Am I warm? I think your relationship may continue in the friend zone he should have been by now committed to you unless both of you agreed, or it is implied both of you are going to stay friends. Good luck in your decision, and if it goes well in what you are presently in, well; if not, don't get discouraged keep looking America has over 300 million inhabitants however you want ot part it.

Please, what will help you, if you do not already know, is to look up the definition on Google or Yahoo for FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and see if this is what you want to continue with. Also on the website there are videos of different therapists giving advice on FWB, featured also are: "How to do different things" with a good range. Type in the subject you want or after watching a video scroll down and click on the one that best suits your inquiry, Good luck.