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How do you know if its too late

Published on January 5, 2012 by workingonme

I have recently been reading up alot on the common mistakes a woman makes in being "too available" I am so guilty of this. All the signs are there. I like the guy alot but I fear that maybe the mistakes Ive made are non reversable. If I have already made the mistakes to push him away is it possible to change my ways and he may come back around? If so what are some steps I can make to get things on track.


It couldn't hurt to develop some interests outside of the relationship. Don't play hard to get, be hard to get! Get physically active, take a class, hang out with friends, etc. I'm not saying don't hang out with your guy and be glad to see him, but don't break plans just to be with him. Let him do the majority of the texting and asking out. Allow him to take the lead and be the guy in the relationship. I hope that is helpful. The advice is sort of generic, but your question was sort of vague.

The first comment is excellent AND you should let him know you want him to come forward. You may even tell him that a mistake you've made with him was simply that and you are open to more with him.

You may ask him how he feels about you and how interested he is in you.

It depends. Did you do something to completely turn him off? Where you in a relationship?

Men need space. When they crawl into their "man cave" let them go and work on yourself. Learn from your mistakes while you give him space. If it is meant to be he will come back, or show signs of interest.