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how do you keep a guy hard for hours so that you get a lot of plessure?

Published on March 27, 2010 by kaylabrooke

my guy doesnt stay hard very long and i would like to know what i can do to keep him aroused that i can finish what i came to do but i want it to last alot longer.... anyone with any tips???? please help...


You didn't say why he doesn't stay hard.. Is it coz he cu.m quickly? and then cant get his erection back? or that he can't stay hard even if there is no climax?

If he cums quickly, you can do a few things.. Get 'climax' control gel, or better yet 'climax control' condom. Once you put that on his thing, wipe it clean so the climax control solution won't get inside you, otherwise your climax would get controlled too, LOL.. yeah, wipe that condom and put your fav lube on it.

Other suggestion, get a good firm ' ring' and put that on the base of his cock, that will help him stay aroused for long, and also control climax..

If there is any other reason why he can't control climax please be sure to state it clearly so we all can factor that in..

why doesnt your man let you get yor money first then get off after youve gotten off a few times so you both get what you need? im not saying i last very long myself but i make sure my lady does before i even think about getting off after she climaxes a few times then i think about myself