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How do you go out with two girls at the same time and not get caught?

Published on November 2, 2010 by prettyboyprince

I really like both of the girls I'm currently talking to. I can't decide who to choose so i decided to date them both. I just don't want to get caught.


Dude, honestly? You're a douche. First, imagine how you would feel if a girl was dating some other guy and you didn't know... You must be young because everyone knows that you'll get SCREWED in the end. My advice? Pick the girl you like more and don't think about looks when you pick. Think about which one makes you feel better when you kiss.

A guy's perspective? Even a guy would tell you that you're gonna get SCREWED and you need to dump one of them. They ALWAYS find out.

Plus, what are you going to do if one (or both) of the relationships get serious? I know you probably won't listen to this advice, and you probably wanted something truthful, which you were hoping was not what I told you. Anyways,if you are gonna date both girls, make sure they don't know each other, don't do anything together in public(for fear of the other one seeing you,or a friend of the other one) Also, take a shower so the girl doesn't smell another girl's perfume on you. DOUCHE LORD.

Um, you don't. Because in the end you're only going to lose out and in the process you're going to hurt two people who do not deserve to be hurt.

Is this seriously what you want for yourself? It's like Kristin said,in the end you're going to lose out and 2 innocent people who don't deserve it will be hurt. You WILL get caught in the end,TRUST ME! It always amazes me how people think they can go around leading these kinds of lifestyles and that there will be no consequences. Guess what? Life does NOT work that way! When we make stupid decisions sooner or later we're gonna pay the price! If you're not ready to be a one-woman type of guy then just avoid relationships right now. I pray for you to start using your head to make WISE decisions. You'd better unless you wanna end up with a life full of disaster and heartache.

Do treat this as a game? If you do, why not you just lie to the girls that you have a twin, if you know what I meant.. Because you knew that you would hurt them in the end and not just lie and don't let the hurting go to waste.