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How do you deal with your boyfriend talking to his ex-girlfriend all the time?

Published on December 2, 2009 by mary corriveau

I am in love with my boyfriend, however he texts his ex- G.f. all the time. I don't want to tell him to stop being her friend all together but i don't know what else to do. Please if you have advice for me i would love it.


I can definately relate to your situation. My boyfriend dated this girl for a over a year, broke up and became good friends. Now he and I are dating and she's still in his group of friends. We all go out to eat, hang out, and party together. I think the key is that I've gotten to know her a little bit and I'm nice to her. But my boyfriend knows that she's not my favorite person. He knows that there are limits. Like, for the holidays our group of friends is doing a secret santa (pick a name out of the hat and buy just that person a gift.) My boyfriend knows that I would be legitimately angry with him if he chose her name and bought her a gift. The rules of the secret santa actually were "if you dated the person you can't buy a gift for them." Maybe try setting some ground rules so that you feel comfortable with their relationship. Get to know her maybe. Friends close, enemies closer kind of deal. Hope this helped.

I think instead of telling him to stop texting her you need to decide if you can trust him. Can you? If the answer is yes, then I would talk to him and tell him that you love him and that while it does bother you that he texts his ex all the time, you trust him and know he would never do anything to hurt you and leave it at that.

That's a little bit of a passive-aggressive way of putting the ball in his court. You've let him know that it bothers you, but you also trust him. Beyond that, trying to control who he talks to will backfire. Big.Time. So, play it cool and carefully, and remember, you got the guy. Not her.

My bf talks to his ex every now and then, I trust him, but knows that women have different intentions and most just want attention and I really don't want him giving some other girl attention. I told him that I was going to start talking to my ex and letting him help me out some time, he thought about it and saw that it was not right knowing that just because you are nice, these women are still looking for you to provide for them and takes the sentiment away from our relationship. So I put him in my place, like what if I needed to talk to someone (emotional affair) and need help fixing the toilet from another guy, girls should get that from their own family and friends, if they don't have a bf that they can feel comfortable enough to talk to that they have to reort to an ex, then its bad news.

on top of that, every guy that continues to try to call me (while they have a girlfriend), the girl is soooo clueless that he flirts and compliments me like no other. And all the ex's I have dated have done this time after time. Even when I ask them to stop texting, that makes it worse, they continue to text and flirt.

i know how it feels too and i am sure you are sick of people telling you that they understand but trust me at times it can be real bad like my case for instance and sometimes the guy just doesnt realize atleast in my case he doesnt , and all you need to do is talk to him once and explain him about your insecurity and how u feel and i am sure he will understand you :)