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How do you deal with a break up if you both have a child together

Published on June 13, 2009 by temesha

Me and my boyfriend separated because he stated that he need to think about some things and this was in the middle of my pregnancy. and in between that time we separated we decieded to date someone else and it took me a few months to get over everything and use to the fact of seeing them together. But then two months after them dating they broke up and he wanted to be back with me saying that he knew that he went down the wrong path and he apolozied for everything and I wanted to be with him so bad that we decieded to get back together. But a month down the line I realized that I was still hurt and I was having visions of them being together so I explained to him that right now was not a good time for me because of everything that we went trough. And he understood and said that we could try being friends. But I'm having a very hard time letting go. I really would like us to remain friends for our child sake. Can someone help me out. And i guess that I should have said this sooner that we are still living in the same household, different rooms but every night I find myself crying because I want to be close to him


This is very hard to deal with... and I commend your strength for listening to your heart... You need to remain friends for your child's sake... he/she needs to be your first priority... as for you and him being together, you need to either find a way to talk it out so you can be okay with the time he spent apart from you... or you need to let him go completely and remain friends for your child. Only you can decide which needs to be done. The best advice I can give is to listen to your heart and if you decide you must remain with him, let him know how you really feel about him being with the other woman so quickly... especially since he knew you were pregnant and you both are still living in the same household. Good luck dear.

Same thing is happening to me right now. My ex is in a new realtionship and is supposedly extremely happy and I'm still not over him. We have a 1 year old daughter and I'm trying to stay strong for her. I'm so upset that we were together 2 years and he moved on in less than a month. Cuts like a knife.