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How do I work on this better:

Published on March 7, 2013 by shyshy51

I need a nap of days after my special needs daughter leaves for school and day support most times I do not take one I have a terrible habit of going back in talking to my mother in law and aide which example my daughter leaves school mornings bus comes at 8:45 I get up at 5:55.

My boyfriend and mom live downstairs she has an aide I know I should come on up get a nap but no I have been working on getting better start wont do which is not good we discussed times to leave when school started back with my daughter but did not keep it up.

Now I my nephew my come on his lunch break at times to to use my computer I now I need up real tired I know I should tell my boyfriend to leave earlier or some days do not come up but I do my daughter suffers with suendo seizres and Mondays she will come in sick there may be another day also.

I say I am this and that like I am saying today he comes up let him know that to leave 8:45 day support nights and school nights and when I am going out grocery shopping etc 8:00 he does not like to go down early and I know that is another fault of my mine to.

I get up at 5:55 school mornings and 7:15 or 7:20 day support mornings daughter's bus comes at 7:45 day support 7:15 or 7:20 van comes at 9:00 now me and my daughter go in and wait on the bus and van I tell myself do not go back in just go on up and get your sleep but no there I go.

I need to stop this for real because I get real tired I feel I half do things then of mornings I am evil some more then others the latest my boyfriend can leave is by 9:30 earliest once 8:00 I have a lot to do for my daughter which if I rested more I wouldn't.

So what do I really need to do my daughter will graduate in May but will continue with her day support program she goes 10 to 2p.m.