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How do I tell my little sister I wanna have sex with her?

Published on May 9, 2014 by sexylilsis4me

First off all you judgmental people can keep your hateful and bad things to say to yourself. Anyway I'm 25 and my lil sister is 21. We grew up together and have always got along good. I have always had this wild fantasy that I would fu$k my lil sis, just the thought of it made me so Hott! Well here recently it's getting to be unbearable, all I can think about when I'm around her is undressing here sexy ass and having my way with her. I just have to have her pu$$y , I have pocketed numerous pairs of her dirty panties out of her laundry basket, the smell of her lil pu$$ on here panties instantly has me rock hard and thriving to be inside my sis. Should I just walk in her room one day when were alone and start playing with her to give the hint or should I just ask her?


I don't think doing what you want to do is a good idea. That could be quite scary for your little sister. She may not feel the same way since you are her brother and not someone she would think of having sex with. You understand that it would be considered incest and while that may not mean anything to you, it may to your little sister. She is not just a body made for your physical pleasure, she is a free human being that has value beyond her body. If you really care about her, you need to stop indulging in those fantasies, because it is the fantasies that are getting you aroused, not her. She is real and your fantasies are not.