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How do I tell his mom that I'm not his girlfriend?

Published on February 7, 2011 by gloria santos

I have a male friend whose parents really like me, but we aren't a couple.  Still, every time I see his mom, it feels like she wants me as a daughter in law.  She is a very nice woman and I would hate to disappoint her.  Does she know I'm not her son's girlfriend?  Should I tell her?  


you should tell her.. she won't be upset, she'll understand, besides she's a woman also she knows how it feels.. :)

Every parent who has a child wants the best for them. If his mom sees you as a good catch for her son and she has a good relationship with you it is only natural that she would want you as her daughter-in-law. You can either have your friend explain to his mom that you are just friends or you can sit down and explain it to her yourself. She may be a little disappointed but she will respect you for being honest with her. Good Luck!

I've been in this situation before, mostly with gay male friends. I think the onus is on your friend to tell his mom that the two of you are not an item. But don't feel bad that his mom likes you. It's not a problem at all.