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How Do I Switch Our Relationship From Sexual To Dating?

Published on August 1, 2010 by divajdv

I met this guy and after a week of us talkin we decided we we're gonna hang out at his place and watch a movie and talk, well we ended up having sex we talked on the phone the next day and texted a lil in between well the 2nd time i saw him was 2 or 3 days l8r and we slept 2gether again how can i turn this situation around so that we can get to kno each other on a more personal level im really interested in him and I feel confused as to whether he feels the same he still calls he asks me how im doin and what im doin but doesnt invitee me ova or offer 2 take me out should i reach out or what what should i do HELP!!!


Well Diva, stop having sex with him! You can say no, it's your right/option. Let him know you think you're moving too fast sexually and want to wait until you get to know each other better before having sex again. If he really likes you, he'll understand. If he gets upset, then you know he only cared about the sex and you can move on.