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how do i strip for my boyfriend WITHOUT laughing!!??

Published on April 8, 2010 by hopeguidesme

LOL he wants me to strip! AND I WANT TO TOO! i just can not, for the life of me, take it seriously! LOL i end up laughing! no matter what i think about or what! i feel SOOOOO bad!! lol cuz i really want too, i just cant. lol any suggestions?? PLEEAASSE! lol


practice. get the giggles out. then during the stripping, let yourself smile and have fun, but be confident enough not to lapse into nervous laughter.

There is no reason it can't be funny too. If you try to hard to make it serious it won't work the way you want it. Practice by yourself first, put on a sexy song you like to dance too and cut loose. I don't strip tease for my guy per say but i like to wear sexy skirts and sexy panties and always a button down shirt. We make it fun, but he loves to watch me unbutton the buttons, slowly. I let him catch a glimpse of the panties since he likes my backside so much, a little bending over does the trick. It's in the moves and the expression on your face, go ahead and smile and laugh a little bit, that is sexy too. Get comfortable with it slowly, dim the lights and then go for it.