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How do I stop thinking about him?

Published on April 6, 2010 by busyandlonely

I met this really nice and sexy guy during a recent business trip to Phoenix three weeks ago. The guy was very nice and the sex was totally hot. He claimed that he is single but he is so skillful in the bedroom that I have my doubts of his bachelorhood status. The problem, he is established in Arizona and I am established in Chicago and neither of us are willing to relocate nor did we talk about trying to establish a relationship with each other (even though he asked me to return to visit him). We stopped all forms of communication after the first week of me returning to Chicago but I can’t seem to get this man out of my thoughts. Any suggestions on how I can stop thinking about this hot guy?


It's been three weeks and you are infatuated. That makes sense. A mysterious stranger who is good in bed, who wouldn't be infatuated? But the truth is the fantasies don't ever really work out, which is why you two aren't talking anymore. Enjoy your memories, but don't put this guy on too high of a pedestal. There is a reason things didn't work out.