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How do I stop feeling guilty over my actions pre divorce?

Published on April 6, 2010 by brokenwinged

Dear Susan

Well I have been married for a year come 18 April, and will be divorced one of these months too, sadly. My issue that I am realllly struggeling to illiminate is obsessing about what I could have done differently. Some of my actions, irrespective of cause and effect , and in taking responsibility for my own stuff, were abusive….and I am struggling to reconcile this with self and that I could have hurt my husband. I look back in my thoughts as if sitting opposite a movie screen watching a horror movie and I am one of the main cast members doing the horrible, regretful things. I wish I could turn back the clock. But I cant. I feel I can only say sorry, forgive self and learn and grow from this experience. So many of the things I did (reactive to my husbands actions), I simply cant believe I did. I let my anger and deep deep sadness get the better of the situation and me.

How do I let go?