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How do I stay single?

Published on April 3, 2010 by iriswhy

In the last 3 years I've had 3 different boyfriends and only about a month in between each of them. It seems that I can't stay single for long even though after every break up I tell myself that this time I won't get into a relationship. I think that relationships ruin the friendship I had with that guy and there is always the chance that it will fail (and probably will). I just got out of a year long relationship about a month ago and I'm already "friends with benefits" with another friend of mine. But I can tell that we're on the path to a relationship even though you're not supposed to get feelings for a "friend with benefits." Should I continue to stress the need for my independence? Or should I just take the risk again with hope maybe this time it'll be different?


SO! my 16 year old sister is THE SAME EXACT WAY! she loves boys!! she always has a new boy toy. lol she is completly depressed that shes single. it breaks my heart when shes like this. what i have found to be the best for her, is hanging out with her friends! have LOTS girl time, and try not to let yourself get to "involved" with the wrong crowd. dont sleep with somebody unless your together. alot of my friends have got hurt that way, and i always want to kill the dude who hurt them!! lol and also, take LOTS of single time. flirt with different boys. dont get your heart set on one. :)

You say no and you stick with it.

You don't just stumble into a relationship, you make a series of choices that lead you to the situations you are in. You need to stop making those choices. Honestly, it doesn't sound like you are being very self-aware. Getting into relationships doesn't just happen, they happen because you want them to happen and when push comes to shove you make the decision to flirt, to have sex, to go out with a guy. Don't fool yourself. These guys you keep around you are not your friends, you flirt with them, you lead them on. Surround yourself with girlfriends. And be aware of the decisions you are making.

This is kind of a ridiculous question. How do you stay single? You take some time to yourself doing the things you want and don't go out (or have sex) with anyone. It sounds like you are so used to jumping from relationship to relationship that you've never taken time to yourself just to do things you enjoy. If you want to be single, end the FWB situation and stop hanging around all these different guys.