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How do I say hello to this girl?

Published on January 3, 2010 by sallicky

I only see her where she works and I don't know nothing about her, except that she is beautiful. I know it is not right to hit on or ask out someone while they are at work but I don't know where she hangs out or anything. I just want to see if she wants to have coffee or somethig to get to know one another?


You answered your own question. You are right that it's never cool to hit on a chick while she's working, but it depends on the situation.

First. Show confidence by going up to her and telling her you think she's beautiful. Women love compliments.

Maybe she might not think that she's beautiful at all. Most beautiful women have low self esteem.

Second. Don't ask her what she likes to do. Instead invite her to something that you feel passionate about. Women like to see what you're all about. Plus you're not trying to impress her, but just showing her who you are.

Works for me. Good Luck dude.

Okay... Do You work closely or in different parts of the building? If you work on similar projects or in the same department or even on the same floor, just invite her to join you for coffee at break time. Ask about her Job and ask her if she likes it? Be Open & Honest and she will be too. After you get to know her, you will know if you even want to ask her out, outside of work. Just chatting over coffee will let you know if you will be interested in each other. Good Luck and don't Rush it.