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How do I reignite his interest?

Published on March 23, 2010 by jj99

I've been seeing a guy for a few months now who seems to have lost interest in me a few days ago. He hasn't been calling or texting me like he usually does and I'm sensing that something has changed. I didi ask him in a vague way if anything was wrong and he said he's fine, he did say he was a little disappointed I didn't follow thru on something I said I might do for him. Now things seem different, how do I turn this around before its too late? I trust him, I think hes a really nice guy and we've always had a comfortable, easy way of communicating with each other. I don't want to lose him or turn him off anymore. Please help.


What exactly did he say he was disappointed that you didn't follow through on? Is it a reasonable disappointment? You said you didn't follow through on something you "might" have done for him. Saying you might do something isn't committing to actually doing it so he doesn't really have a right to be upset you didn't do it. If you said you were definitely going to do something and didn't, that's another story. It seems odd that one instance of let down would trigger such a drastic change in him. It's probably best to just let him know that you really care about him and your relationship and that you are there for him. But let him know that you didn't commit to whatever this thing was and it's unreasonable for him to be upset with you over it. Then just be patient and see if he's willing to get over it.

How long have things been down? If it's just been a couple of days or a week, he could rebound. But of course that just depends on the level of his disappointment and what he is disappointed about. If it is something little, I would apologize and just move on and hope he follows. If it was something bigger then you might have something else on your hands entirely. Like Adrian said, this completely depends on the nature of how you disappointed him.