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How do I make my boyfriend fall for me harder and harder each day?

Published on June 4, 2010 by cece1985

In a new relationship, this is "The One" for me. He is super into me right now, but how do I maintain that feeling for him for years to come?


No matter what modern society pretends to matter what men say in public men are still the same as they were in 1950. Old fashioned.....we still want the June Clever wife....with a little Madonna in her as well.

There is no true answer to this question...but a good attempt at answering it is this....

Sex is always good. Sex in quantity sex in quality no nagging even if you dont need him for something every now and again, need him for something for example, opening something or help with how to do something...just make sure you know he knows how to do it. "I know this sounds crazy but...women need to be want to be needed." and be traditional...with a spark of excitement here and there.

There still will be no guarantee, but there will always be points for trying and I am happy to actually see a question like this in 2010. The idea of a woman not needing a killing the happyness of women all over the world...and turning what normally would be a gentleman into an @ss. I even cought myself not opening a door for my wife once....felt a remniscent slap on my face from my mother and about faced myself and then opened her door.

As long as you care to ask this should have no problems with your boyfriend falling for you no matter what you do for and more importnantly "with" him.

Until the next time...TRUTH IS A B!TCH.