Have him go down on you first, then after you're done, you can relax while he has his turn. He sounds selfish. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't care about your needs?

This is a very general question that can be answered in many ways. What first comes to my mind is whether or not you have communicated your concerns about this situation. You say it happens "everytime" you have sex? Depending on how often this happens it seems like you have allowed this to happen and therefore he may be totally unaware that you even feel this way? Having said that, if he KNOWS that you haven't climaxed and HE wants to stop, I would have to agree with Safire1023 that he sounds selfish. I suggest that you introduce toys into the mix if you like the feel of his penis inside you, and have him bring you close to orgasm with the use of toys and oral sex so you can climax together. If he's not lasting long enough, perhaps he has a case of premature ejaculation? I'm curious to know if he is even aware of this. And if he is and is not willling to change to please you, there could be even deeper issues than sex. More information around the question would certainly help with providing the right solution.

The fact that he wants to stop before you are satisfied is certainly worrying. Being considerate to your partner's needs to necessary for good sex, and obviously your needs are not a concern. You need to focus on why you are focusing on climaxing together instead of finding a solution with your boyfriend that will make both of you happy. One orgasm keeping a man away from enjoying more sex is almost baffling.