I'm not going to tell what to do. Just offer a perspective. If you two don't talk anymore and sex is non existent, the relationship is in serious trouble. The lying and dishonesty doesn't help. I think you need to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your husband. What do you see happening in the relationship? Tell him how his destructive behavior is affecting you. If he blows you off, it might be good to start seeing a therapist or even suggest to him a marriage counselor. Marriages take work. I would exhaust every possible avenue to heal your marriage. I would avoid making any rash decisions or blame him. He's doing this because he is unhappy. You need to find out why so that you can help him. In my opinion, a married couple should have one weekly date and regular sex. A good book to get is "The Power of Two." It talks about common communication problems that occur in marriages. I would revoke that you buy a copy and read it. Good luck with everything.